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Picture Example

Spreadsheets full of numbers can be a bit boring, let's make things more exciting with pictures! Using Number Duck it's easy to embed and extract pictures from excel files.

This is what your final result will look like
A dinosaur wearing shoes, this is what your final result will look like.
Photo by Dave Catchpole.

Select your language below to view the source. You can download Number Duck here, along with the source and binaries for this example.

printf("Picture Example\n");

// Dino images by Dave Catchpole

printf("Embedding picture!\n");
	// Construct our workbook, and grab the default worksheet
	Workbook workbook("");
	Worksheet* pWorksheet = workbook.GetWorksheetByIndex(0);

	// Create the picture from our source image
	// Number Duck can create pictures from JPG and PNG files
	Picture* pPicture = pWorksheet->CreatePicture("Dino.jpg");

	// By default, the picture is located in the top left corner of the worksheet

	// X and Y refer to the cell, to position within the cell, set SubX and SubY
	pPicture->SetSubX(Worksheet::DEFAULT_COLUMN_WIDTH / 2);
	pPicture->SetSubY(Worksheet::DEFAULT_ROW_HEIGHT / 2);

printf("Extracting picture!\n");
	// Load the excel file with the image we want to extract
	pWorksheet = workbook.GetWorksheetByIndex(0);

	pPicture = pWorksheet->GetPictureByIndex(0);

	// Work out the correct file name to save as based on the picture format
	// Note that while Number Duck can only create PNG and JPEG, it can extract any format
	std::string sFileName = "Dino.";
	switch (pPicture->GetFormat())
		case Picture::FORMAT_DIB: sFileName += "bmp"; break;
		case Picture::FORMAT_EMF: sFileName += "emf"; break;
		case Picture::FORMAT_JPEG: sFileName += "jpg"; break;
		case Picture::FORMAT_PICT: sFileName += "pict"; break;
		case Picture::FORMAT_PNG: sFileName += "png"; break;
		case Picture::FORMAT_TIFF: sFileName += "tiff"; break;
		case Picture::FORMAT_WMF: sFileName += "wmf"; break;

	// now write to disk
	FILE* pFile = fopen(sFileName.c_str(), "wb");
		fwrite(pPicture->GetData(), pPicture->GetDataSize(), 1, pFile);